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Our Story:

SuperfreakMedia is an AWARD WINNING production company based in the East Midlands established in 2009. Since we began we have worked to create high quality and professional short films and videos that push the boundaries of the medium.

Having a love for nostalgia and yesteryear we often look back at classic staples of cinema and genre pieces to reach new limits within our own work. If your project needs a dash of retro cool we are sure to bring it!

If you are interested in developing a film project with us, need us to create a coporate video or advertisement, or just need some help with your digital/video needs then please get in touch and let us know how we can help. We provide the full package working with you closely from the initial concept throughout production to completion in post. We love meeting new people and clients and will be sure to work with you to achieve your vision, find your voice and get your message out there. No matter how BIG your idea we’ve got it covered.

PLEASE EMAIL US [email protected]

We will get back to you as soon as we can, to follow more of our work then please find us on facebook and twitter using the links below:


LIAM BANKS - Director, Writer + Editor

TEL: 07852947154
EMAIL: [email protected]

Liam founded SuperfreakMedia back in 2009 and has been creating content for the site and various online platforms ever since. With a love for nostalgia and all things unnerving he tries to scare his audience with each new release. Winning awards and recognition around the world, Liam and the rest of the team are gearing up for their first Feature Film venture. 

JONATHAN BUTLER - Cinematographer + Writer

TEL: 07964102830
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEB: www.jonnobutler.co.uk

Jonathan is an Award-Winning Cinematographer,  passionate about horror and has been working with SuperfreakMedia since 2012. He loves trying to make things look as spooky as possible and creating an atmosphere of dread with lighting and camera movement. He also enjoys long walks on the beach...

RICHARD PARKER - Camera Asst. + Grip + Photographer

TEL: 07791734799
EMAIL: [email protected]
Richard began working with SuperfreakMedia  back in 2013 helping with test shots before joining the team officially on set for Chasing Time in 2015. He utilises his love of Photography along with his background in Theatre and Live Events to help us with all things technical. That's why we leave him to deal with the lights! His photography work can be found in some of our posters and BTS stills, as well as BTS stills for some of our other friends and collaborators.
*Photographs taken by Richard on the set of Lepidopterist by Triskelle Pictures Ltd.

Other Services: